Friday, August 10, 2007

Graphic Novel Nancy Drew Series by Stefan Petrucha

Remember reading the Nancy Drew books by Carolyn Keene? Wish you could get your kids interested in such fun, clean books? Try the new Graphic Novel Nancy Drew Series by Stefan Petrucha, based on the books of Carolyn Keene. They are great books for teens and pre-teens, and you might even like them just as much as the original series. This new series gets better with each new release. If you’re still not so sure about them, keep reading. By the time you finish this article, you may want to read the whole series!
Parents may not find the idea of graphic novels appealing for your teens. The name itself can strike fear into the hearts of parents. They are called graphic novels because they are one part graphic, or drawn, and one part novel, or story. Think along the lines of a book length comic, but don’t call them that! A lot of people think that graphic novels are all picture with little story, but this is not true. The images are just as important to the story as the text. Graphic novels are also a faster read, and for those teenagers who don’t like to read a lot the graphic novel may be the perfect book.
Some of you might remember reading Nancy Drew as a teen or a pre-teen. Carolyn Keene’s Nancy was a teen girl, always willing to help those in need, especially if it involved a mystery. Stefan Petrucha’s Nancy Drew is pretty much the same, except that she’s been modernized for the teens of today. The mysteries themselves are still creative and enjoyable, and there’s usually a good laugh tucked into the story too.
In The Charmed Bracelet, the latest in the Graphic Novel Nancy Drew series, Nancy becomes involved in the mysterious disappearance of an important computer chip. Nancy receives a charm bracelet with clues to the whereabouts of the chip, hence the name. With the help of her friends, Bess and George, Nancy takes the case and sets out to find the missing computer chip. On top of that, Ned Nickerson, Nancy’s boyfriend, is thought to be a thief! It’s a great story and has an interesting ending.
All the novels in this graphic series are pleasant, exciting, and highly recommended, and all are available at Uinta County Library at 701 Main St. Check out the new Nancy Drew in Graphic Novel form today!
Review by Kim Walter 4/2007

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