Thursday, April 10, 2008

Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

Twilight is defined as the period of the day diffused with light from the sky when the sun is below the horizon, from sunset to nightfall. It is also a state of uncertainty. This is undoubtedly the state faced by Bella Swan in Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight.
Bella, a clumsy 17-year-old girl from Phoenix, Arizona is exiling herself to sunless Washington to live with her father after her mother has recently remarried. She expects nothing except unhappiness in her dreary new home, but what she discovers is much more -- what she discovers is Edward Cullen. Bella embarks on an adventure full of danger, secrecy and romance that begins with a glance at a table of teenagers that are too beautiful to be human. There is something not quite right about the Cullen family, but what is it? No one has ever gotten close enough to find out… until Bella. Everyone seems to have a natural aversion to the Cullens that Bella just can’t understand. What she does understand is that something about them is just wrong.
Edward will have nothing to do with Bella until the day she is almost killed in a car accident. Edward, who is in one instant standing across the parking lot and in another pushing Bella out of the way of certain death, can no longer hide his strange abilities from Bella. Edward warns her that a relationship between them will only put her in danger. Bella tells him that it is already too late. The more she knows about Edward the closer she is drawn to him, but how close is too close?
This Young Adult novel is for readers of every age. Suspenseful and thrilling, you’ll find yourself unable to put it down. Stephanie Meyer puts a new spin on a classic narrative by mixing danger, love, and humor in a perfect combination. Bella and Edward are characters that are easy to relate to and hard to forget. Bella’s adventure will have you biting your nails from start to finish. Simply put, Twilight will leave you thirsty for more. This book is available at the Uinta County Library, 701 Main St.

Reviewed by Michelle Kallas

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